Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Four hours since morning

I still haven't had breakfast. And instead of writing a poem for my poetry class while at work I've been googling illustrator drawings and tutorials. The amount of images and accesibility to every kind of information and every kind of effect makes me want to go into a field of sunflowers and sit there making no art whatsoever. Just spend the day in the sun and let my mind refigure all this junk that the internet hive-mind is injecting into my eyes. Even strong work that I see is multiplied by thousands.
well... time for food....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Here's a blog I am hoping to use for posting my sketches and updates on the projects. This is sort of a stepping stone for building my own website. And once I post something interesting here, I'll tell people about it.

Otherwise, it is a splendid descent into Spring here in Richmond. It seems today it is finaly warm. And that is the quaint kind of information I only dare write these days after years of enscribing poetics of day things in the manner of Legengia. It must be the shaky feeling of not having Alex around to fuel that kind of intensity of language. Without such a special conversationalist, it isn't easy to plundge into the minutest details of description without expecting them to be laughed at for how unwisely exhaulted in them eye blinks and murmurs become.