Sunday, November 22, 2009

Casa Peruana

Here's a piece I am currently working on, in its unfinished form. This is new for me, since I've mostly worked on small scale until now, and this is quite large, and still covered in my teeny-tiny pencil marks. The piece is loosely based on a building I saw in Arequipa not too far from the futbal stadium, but it's more of an impression of South American sprawly architecture, a way of life in which structure of time, of certain alignment, of certain anything exists mid tectonic shift and whose logic escapes me. Also this is my impression of life at such great heights that met me with unshakable breath-stealing altitude sickness.


Unicycalex said...

Can I live there? That's some prime real-estate. I could probably ride my unicycle up and down the storeys, fall in love Marquez-style, once for each floor, write a full deck of Nerudan poems on imported kosher parchment, and live and die peaceably with few or every other attachments to bind me to legitimate business. I'll take it.

Theodore Taylor said...

This is pretty amazing. I love the sketch. There's a building that actually looks like this?