Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dinosaur Shopping

This one's for Pablo. Eventually I'll have a color version of it. I'm trying to do it JJ style in Photoshop. And, as with everything I do, I want to make it into a little book. The dinosaur kind of reminds me of this crocodile Gaena, that's a pretty popular cartoon character in Russia, a friend of Cheburashka who's a craze in Japan now. He wears a hat and glasses and plays the accordion. I didn't base my Dino on him, but found some resemblance in retrospect, especially in how polite and awkward he is.
I'm getting a little terrified of how much cute stuff I've drawn lately. But I do like this dinosaur. There seems to be a little sad note about him, unlike the milk adventure drawings I am doing for my uncle, which are a stretch of how far I can take the ridiculously adorable absurdity of the poem. This sketch, though, seems a little more mine and when I work on more cartoony animations, I suspect they will take off from this style.

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