Sunday, July 8, 2007

Working at King's Dominion as a Caricature Artist

It's an interesting summer job. For the first few weeks of working there I felt as though I was stuck in the date I had at the park a long long time ago. Funnel cake stands and Rocky music and the heat in the snippets of those slightly uncomfortable instances when you suddenly know you have been in this place before and you would be much happier about it if the passage of time and your life travels made just a bit more sense in conjunction.
But gradually everything became routine, of course. Watching people adamantly having fun because they paid their good money for it is probably the most redeeming part of having all my time taken up by the long commute and the sketching and the standing. I meet people I normally probably wouldn't, even though I am not one to avoid conversations with strangers by default. It is simply that people seem to be in a very special state at a theme park where excitement and moneysqweezing is pumped into them at every corner, while they can enjoy the comfort zone of their friends and family and act like a park employee is at best a fun dispenser who of all things is definitely not human enough to expect any politeness. I suppose I am saying that it is fun watching people be rude to me, but that is just the worst case scenario. Some are very nice and rich.
Anyway, before I start musing about the experience of being a sales person which I am not morally o.k. with but seem to have a knack for, I am going to post some sketches I did after I started working as a "caricature artist." If anybody ever suspected me of being capable of drawing only realistic sad-looking naked people, here, see some variety.
Next thing to study for me is drawing clothes. Drawing from John Galliano and his madness.