Thursday, June 9, 2011

Merry Go Round

There is a sort of reckless abandon in the growth, struggle and force of organic forms that is entirely absent in much of human-made structures. Perhaps it is achievement of transcendence of the timidity of human geometric thought that takes a drawing to a realm beyond linguistic comfort - closer to the directness of music.

In approaching man-created subjects then (such as this carousel horsey), perhaps the focus should be (once the structure of the drawing is establisged or even before that) on the natural, accidental, organic elements still: rust and play of light on the surface.

It is a dangerous habit - putting of drawings till later. I have been intending to come paint this tree in the neighborhood where I work, marveling at it every time I passed it by. Did this quick sketch at lunch break once, and two days later the majestic tree was cut down. It's mulch now.

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